Car and Home Insurance

Discovery Insure offers comprehensive, flexible and affordable insurance tailored to your lifestyle. Their cover also includes innovative technology, rewards, benefits and service features. This provides you with many reasons to choose Discovery Insure including:

Innovative car insurance

Get market-leading car insurance at highly competitive rates from Discovery Insure. Their innovative car insurance cover also offers world-class safety features and the option to join Vitality Drive, their unique driver behaviour programme that rewards good driving while keeping you safe.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Get home insurance that is comprehensive, flexible and affordable to protect your home contents, buildings and portable items.

Unique and easy claim services

Discovery Insure continually creates new and better ways to give you excellent service and ensures fast and fair claims resolution. You have access to various ways to log your claims and can track the progress of your claims online or on your smartphone.

Rewards with Vitality Drive

Vitality Drive is Discovery Insure’s unique driver behaviour programme that rewards you for driving well. You can get up to 50% fuel cash back every month by driving well and swiping your Vitality Drive card when filling up at BP and Shell. If you have a Gautrain Gold card, you can get up to 50% back on your monthly Gautrain spend. You also get access to weekly Active Rewards for achieving your drive goals, up to 25% off Uber trips, and the ability to use your rewards for driving well to fund new tyres.

Intelligent technology to keep you safe

Vitality Drive’s innovative technology also provides you with unique state-of-the-art safety features including:

  • Impact Alert, where Discovery Insure sends immediate emergency assistance if you’re involved in a severe vehicle accident, even if they can’t get hold of you.
  • Vehicle panic button allows you to use your smartphone as a panic button in an emergency while your phone’s Discovery Insure app is still connected to the Vitality Drive Sensor.
  • You will also get weather warnings to alert you of imminent severe weather events.
  • Find my vehicles where you are able to locate your vehicles in real time.

Unique insurance for the discerning few: Purple Plan

The Purple Plan is suitable for you if you have over R5 million in insured assets. It offers comprehensive car and home insurance with unique benefits, services and features for the discerning few. With the Purple Plan you will get a dedicated Service Executive to help you with anything you need and up to 50% fuel cash back every month for driving well. The Purple Plan offers its clients unique benefits like cellphone upgrade where clients can get a new Apple or Samsung smartphone every year.

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I was so scared to change my insurance from my previous broker, but I can honestly say that your staff from Blue Mercury really made Discovery look amazing. Always responsive, never an automated call to get the day by, and really made me feel like “your client”. Thank you for the Hospitality!

Eduan De Villiers Roos


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