In 1992, Discovery revolutionised medical aid through a single, profound insight: If people lived healthier lives, it would change insurance for good. It would also change society. They introduced rewards for healthy behaviour choices, and grew into a global organisation.

Discovery Invest brings the same philosophy: They encourage you to and reward you for investing longer, investing more, living well and withdrawing wisely.

A solid investment company that helps you achieve your investment goals

Discovery offers easy access to many diverse investments and a wide choice of investment managers through one contact point. Whether you are just starting out in investments or you are a seasoned investor, they have an investment plan for you.

In just 10 years, they became one of the fastest-growing unit trust companies in South Africa, with over 280 000 clients and R92 billion in assets under management. Their funds are recognised as top performers in their sectors.

Source: Investec Asset Management, Q2 2019, Internal finance data as at end June 2019.

Discovery rewards healthy investment behaviour

Discovery encourages and rewards you for investing longer by starting to invest as early as possible and investing more towards your retirement goals. You can get an extra return of up to 2% each year on your investment for being healthy, driving well, and managing your money well. You can get up to 50% extra income in retirement for life when you withdraw your retirement income responsibly and manage your health.

A wide range of Investment plans

Discovery has a diverse range of investment plans that can help you invest towards your retirement and other short-term or medium-term goals. With investment opportunities extended across local and offshore investments, no matter what you are saving for, they can help you get there.

A wide choice of funds to invest in

Once you have chosen which investment plan you want to invest a regular or a lump-sum contribution into, you must decide in which funds to invest your money. Discovery Invest gives you the freedom to choose from a range of over 200 unit trust funds managed by leading local and international fund managers through a single entry point. This means you can invest in their investment plans and choose investment funds that are managed by leading investment managers.

Discovery Invest International

With the latest innovations, Discovery Invest is expanding their local shared-value investment platform globally by creating the first international shared-value offering with unique benefits and associations with some of the largest and strongest investment managers in the world. They have also paired this with efficient structuring and a seamless digital investing experience to allow you to navigate the world of global investing with ease. Invest International is the country’s first international shared-value investment offering, designed to give clients access to the world’s best investment opportunities.

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I was so scared to change my insurance from my previous broker, but I can honestly say that your staff from Blue Mercury really made Discovery look amazing. Always responsive, never an automated call to get the day by, and really made me feel like “your client”. Thank you for the Hospitality!

Eduan De Villiers Roos


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